Create Gourmet Desserts in Your Kitchen

Let’s say the only cooking utensil you currently own or know how to use is your smart phone with Uber Eats on speed dial.

Perfect. You’ve got all the skills required to throw down a killer gourmet desert so damn good that you’ll be the rage with your friends. Read more…

Red Velvet is everything you need in one box.

The promise of Red Velvet is Gourmet Desserts Made in Your Kitchen. Founded by Agathe Assouline-Lichtenstein and her sister  Arielle, Red Velvet simplifies gourmet baking by delivering all the finest ingredients you’ll need for each dessert pre-measured and packaged. Enabling women with little or no cooking experience to bake irresistibly delectable and truly gourmet desserts step-by-step.

Red Velvet makes gourmet baking easy. If we can do it – and I mean none of us can bake a thing – you can do it.

Red Velvet pre-measures all of their scrumptious quality ingredients – and we mean they measure precisely.

Then they explain how to use their original insanely delicious recipes and show you exactly how to decorate or “style” your fabulous gourmet dessert confections like a pro.

All Red Velvet desserts are guaranteed to be no brainers to make – if we can do it, you can – and they are designed to wow and impress every damn body.

Look, you’ll be a star if you cook these desserts at your place for your pals.

Or you’ll be a star friend by gifting a Red Velvet kit to your bestie. She’ll be your forever BFF.

Or just bundle up your nieces and nephews for a Saturday at your crib making the very Kid-Friendly Gourmet Baking Kit Celebration Cup Cakes and suddenly find yourself crowned “favorite aunt” – which will drive your sister nuts!

(Which is the whole point, right?)


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