“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

– Buddha

GreenBag is an online store filled with internationally sourced, eco-friendly, sustainable non- grocery products.

We find the best stuff out there and funnel it into one convenient place. Kindness and quality are at the core of all of our products. Visit us when you’re looking for a gift for a friend, family, client or a gift for yourself. We will continually update our website as we find new “kind” products to feature. Please feel free to email us with any suggestions or products you would like us to add to our store.

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Why sustainable products matter

At GreenBag, it’s our passion to assist in alleviating the strain we place on our planet, preserving the planet for future generations and doing what’s right for people and the earth.  We are here to connect sustainable eco-friendly products with people and the planet.  

Message from the founder

My mission is to provide an online shopping experience infused with the most beautiful quality humans possess: kindness.

The overwhelming power of kindness is a lesson I learned from my dad. As a father, husband, and doctor, he was an expression of everything good in this world. Kindness flowed from his fingertips and twinkled in his eyes. It was his natural state – as effortless as breathing.

From him, I learned what it means to be propelled through life by love and goodness, and his spirit is the inspiration behind GreenBag’s mission: to funnel that kindness into an online shopping experience that sends ripples across the country and the globe.

– Stephanie Halphen, GreenBag Founder

Mission & Vission

Our goal is to shift the focus from purchasing products to gifting products – a gift of kindness for yourself, friend, family, co-worker, client. In the process, through our philanthropic efforts, you will be gifting kind products to a complete stranger. Finally, our products will be a gift of kindness to the earth.

Our products are ready to pass from your hands to another’s, because they are GreenBag certified and sustainable.


A percentage of your purchase goes towards filling GreenBag for the greater good.

Our GreenBag philanthropic project isn’t about charity, it’s about kindness, understanding, compassion and resilience. We believe that kindness and philanthropy come in many forms. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s extra supplies, and sometimes it’s just a helping hand, a warm smile, or an ear to listen…

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