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Baggu Striped Bag

By December 5, 2018 No Comments

Yo! Brigette! Is this your bag? I love those Frenchie stripes, girl!

In the ’60’s, Brigitte Bardot put black and white “Breton” striped tops and St. Tropez on everyone’s “must-have” list – and we mean big time. You’re too young to remember, so let Google help: Click here for Brigitte Stripes 

Who wouldn’t wear that striped top? (Everyone did!) Who wouldn’t go to St. Tropez? (Everyone did!)

And now you can re-create Brigitte’s glory in your own neighborhood with this striking huge black and white striped shopping bag/carry-all from our French friends at BAGGU.  We love big chic slouchy totes and we love Brigitte Bardot and we love you – so we’re bringing you all together with this very stylish, very striped, very large and very practical carry-all tote/bag.

Baggu Chic Slouchy Tote for Laundry or Shopping or Large Reusable Shopping Bag, Foldable Ripstop Nylon, Sailor Stripe

Manufactured by


This is a seriously cool, seriously big bag. You will set your neighbors on fire with envy by simply showing up at Whole Foods with this sailor-striped beauty to “bag” your groceries.

Throw it over your shoulder as a chic slouchy tote. You’ll be envied by everyone around you. You’ll get those surreptitious looks all the time. You know exactly what we mean.

Perfect for travel, laundry and big shopping trips or whatever you can think of since it holds up to 50 pounds and has that way cool “Breton” Brigitte stripe!

Isn’t life good?

Carry it in your hand or over the shoulder – strong straps work either way.

Although it folds into a tiny zippered 7″ by 7″ pouch, this “Baggu” is a very generous 18″ wide, 33″ high, 9″ deep.


  • ECO-FRIENDLY & STYLISH – Long-lasting, reusable Baggus reduce waste while looking fabulous!
  • COLOR: Sailor Stripe (2018)
  • VERSATILE HANDLES – Sturdy, generous handles allow for hand holding or over the shoulder toting
  • TOTES UP TO 50 LBS. – Strong yet lightweight, this Baggu can hold up to 50 lbs. of stuff yet folds into just a 7×7 in. square!
  • 100% RIPSTOP NYLON – Baggu’s commitment to quality means we only use pure ripstop nylon to craft our standard Baggus
  • MACHINE WASHABLE – Machine wash cold and line dry to use your favorite Baggu for years and years!

Price & Shipping:

$14.00 each plus shipping

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