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French Saucisse de Toulouse, Cassoulet

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Is that a sausage in your pocket mister, or are you just happy to see me?

Mae West is the original movie siren, blonde bombshell, femme fatale and fearless man-eating female who bullied, beguiled and bewitched every man in the all-male world of movie moguls she dominated. An actress, playwright and screen writer, she wrote the famous line “Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” Here’s a link below to some of her best on-screen sexy/provocative/in-your-face quips:

While Mae West has no actual connection to these premiere French sausages from Toulouse, we think her indomitable spirit and joie de vivre matches the attitude of these delicious Saucisse de Toulouse. And, we further believe, if we had we dropped by with these sausages tucked under our arms, she would have found something very funny to say – but we’re not going to tell you what funny thing we think she’d say.

Send us what you think she’d say here, we’ll pick a winner and send you a package of French Saucisse de Toulouse for your very own!

French Saucisse de Toulouse, Cassoulet – 1 lbs

Manufactured by

Terroirs d’Antan

These delicious pork sausages, produced in the area surrounding picturesque Toulouse, France, are fine gourmet gift foods that are ideal for corporate or holiday gifts that will set you apart as a gourmand among a world full of un-washed and dull-witted gift-givers of chocolate whatevers.

You can imagine yourself in Le Parc du Confluent with family and friends enjoying local saucisses (sausages) à la purée de pommes de terre (with mashed potatoes) as the Le Garonne and L’Arège rivers flow majestically into the L’Arège south west of Toulouse. You could spontaneously begin speaking perfect French – or you could just be blissfully happy.

Check out this Biscuit & Gravy Ring video – but do not tell the good French people at Terroirs d’Antan we showed this to you: The Biscuit & Gravy Ring


Best Quality & Premium Taste

Fine Gourmet Foods for Someone Special

Ideal Corporate & Holiday Gift

Overnight Delivery with Ice Packs

High Standards of Quality Control

Product Description:

Frozen Sausage from the Toulouse Region in France.

Ingredients: Pork, onions, white wine, salt, pepper, spices, natural pork casing. Approximately 1 lb. Actual items may differ slightly from pictures shown.

$4.99 each plus shipping

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