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Jean Larnaudie Duck Foie Gras Block – can life get any better?

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We live in amazing times. Really.

It used to be – not long ago – that to even get close to a tin of Jen Larnaudie Foie Gras De Canard you’d have to book a pricey flight, sit uncomfortably close to people you’ve never met on a 10 hour flight to Charles de Gaul, make your way into the city, find a fine grocer – an open one – buy a tin of crackers and your foie gras and eat it standing up. 

And be happy about it. 

Now, you just point, click, we pack and ship and in a couple of days you and four friends are chomping on this incredible duck liver spread on the sun deck of your building. 

So go ahead. Point. Click. Order. Enjoy. 

You can thank us after. 

Jean Larnaudie Duck Foie Gras Bloc De Foie Gras De Canard 200g Fattened Liver  

Manufactured by 

by Larnaudie 


  • WE CAN NOT SHIP TO CALIFORNIA PER AMAZON REGULATIONS – Please do not buy if you live in CA – it will only end in heartache for both of us! 
  • 200 grams of foie gras de Canard in a bloc that serves 4 to 5 people. We recommend you keep it down to 4 or less. This is some seriously good foie gras and you don’t want some piggy making everyone else have to hurry through this exquisite experience. 
  • This ain’t no schmo-brand of foie gras here lady, this is Jean Lernaudie. This is quite literally some of the finest foie gras in existence.   
  • We we love about Larnaudie whole foie gras is that it is still cooked by hand in a traditional manner – all of which means you’ll be in heaven. Mean it. 
  • Duck foie gras is best complemented with a slightly sweet (preferably white) wine – shoot for the moon on a good wine. Worth it. 
  • The following sentence was in the literature we got: Duck foie gras is flavorsome dish that has existed for centuries  I mean, what kind of Rubes do these Frenchies think we are, ladies? Americans?!? 

Product Description 

200 grams of the best bloc of foie gras de Canard you ever sunk your lucky teeth into. Larnaudie foie gras is still cooked by hand in a traditional manner.

$62.99 each plus shipping 

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