The last French beret company is the finest of them all.

House Laulhère house began making their amazing berets in 1840 and have continually crafted this mythical French object of style from uninterrupted from 1840 until today.

Founded at the foot of the French Pyrenees by Lucien Laulhère,

the berets Laulhère produces has been turning the heads of frenchmen and frenchwomen whenever they are worn.

Today House Laulhère is the last beret company in France. The rest are made cheaply offshore by “the usual suspects” to paraphrase Claude Rains comment to Humphrey Bogart’s character in the final scene of “Casablanca” (click here to watch this legendary cinematic moment).

Happily for us, Laulhère survived because they always were considered the finest. What makes Laulhère berets so amazing? Click here.

Check out this instagram post for a bit of inspiration.

Now you can own Laulhere’s L’Authentique, the classic 10.5” original felted beret made of 100% pure Merino wool in red, black and bubblegum pink; or the fashion updated Chopin in sandal (a gorgeous brown) and black.  Merino wool is gentle on the skin and the beret will stretch to fit most people perfectly after the first wearing.


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