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Lavender Red Provence Cotton Napkin

By December 5, 2018 No Comments

Set your table en français

One glance at these gorgeous Provençal napkins and we found ourselves suddenly craving cheese baguettes over a bottle of Beaujolais at a corner table in some tiny cafe on Montmartre overlooking Paris.

Mais oui. They are that french.

Lavender Red Provence Cotton Napkin

Manufactured by
by Le Cluny French Linens

From Le Cluny French Country Collection, these simple, beautiful Provençal-inspired napkins are just so wonderfully French that they make any meal – even a bowl of Special K and Pop Tarts – seem like epic French Cuisine.

Made in France from 100% cotton, these exquisite napkins are a generous 18″ across and feature a tiny and delightful pastel blue and burgundy design pattern spread across a luxuriously deep red French cotton background.

Even if you don’t parle français, now you can at least dine in perfect French anytime you like.

100% cotton
Machine washable
Designed and Manufactured in France
Sold by individual napkin

Price & Shipping:
$7.50 each plus $3.00 shipping

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