Luxury DARWIN All-Natural Beard Balm – “Classic Scent”


Product Description

Darwin’s beard balm is ideal for taming the most stubborn beard. Formulated with all-natural ingredients, it contains beeswax for a natural hold, shea butter and lanolin that will help nourrishing the hair and giving the perfect groomed look you are looking for, as well as vitamin E for its antioxident properties.

First prepared by hand by a renowned artisan from a recipe that has won its spurs, it is then enlivened by Darwin with its already classic scent of citrus fruits and ginger. Metal tin has a screw-on lid, adorned with a wax stamp of Darwin’s initial.

Directions for use : Ideally apply to your (damp or dry) clean beard. Using the back of your thumbnail extract a small portion of balm & warm by rubbing in the palms of your hands. Proceed to work the balm into the length of your beard, then comb or brush through for maximum hold, resulting in a tamed well nourished beard, that is easier to both shape & style.

Ingredients are 100% natural; shea butter, essential oils and vitamin E are organic.

Scent : The « Classic » scent from Darwin is a bewitching combination of hesperidium fragrances. You are captivated by the head notes as you open the bottle, spellbinded by the nice and sugary sweet orange, the light and acidulous lemon zest and the fascinating and camphoric lemongrass. You are then transported high above by the angelic and sensual heart note of ginger, and brought back to reality by the earthy and woody base note of patchouli. Reality… or is it?

Weight : 30g.

Ingrédients : Coconut Oil, Butyromspermum Parkii Butter*, Cera Alba, Ricinus Communis oil, Tocophérol*, Fragrance*, linalool*, limonène*, géraniol*, citral*, citronellol*.
* : organic.

Assorted to our beard oil and mustache wax.

Made by hand in France, in collaboration with Le Père Lucien. The accessories shown are not included.


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