Luxury DARWIN Pre-Shave Soap and Beard Solid Shampoo – “Classic Scent”


Product Description

Darwin’s pre-shave soap is everything you can expect from a luxury glycerin soap. It is slick, works like a charm, and smells incredible ! It doubles as a solid shampoo for the hirsute Gentleman as well.

Ingredients are 100% natural, some are even organic. Proudly handmade, hand cut and hand packed in France.

Scent : The « Classic » scent from Darwin is a bewitching combination of hesperidium fragrances. You are captivated by the head notes as you open the bottle, spellbinded by the nice and sugary sweet orange, the light and acidulous lemon zest and the fascinating and camphoric lemongrass. You are then transported high above by the angelic and sensual heart note of ginger, and brought back to reality by the earthy and woody base note of patchouli. Reality… or is it?

Weight : 90g approximately (hand cut, so there may be some way)

Ingrédients : Sodium stéarate, Sodium cocoate*, Sodium ricinoleate*, Aqua, Saccharose*, Éthanol*, Glycérine*, Parfum (huiles essentielles*), Sodium Chloride, linalool*, limonène*, géraniol*, citral*, citronellol*.
* : organic.

Visually, one side has some foam, and the body is a mix of translucent and opaque volutes, which are all natural and perfectly normal for this kind of soap.

Made by hand in France, in collaboration with Le Père Lucien. The accessories shown are not included.


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